Regional Minister Inaugurates Advisory Committees

Mr Kwasi Adu-Gyan

The Bono East Regional Minister, Mr Kwasi Adu-Gyan, has inaugurated three advisory committees to provide guidance, direction and advice towards the development of the region.

The committees are Business Development and Industrialisation (BDI), Infrastructure and Education, and Human Capital.

They are mandated to provide guidance and expertise in the various sectors and come up with a bi-partisan strategic plan to serve as a blueprint for the continuity of coordinated and accelerated developmental projects of the region.

BDI committee

The BDI committee is mandated to outline a clear road map for the formation of the regional development commission as an Economic Development Secretariat and Technical Wing of the region.

They are also to aggressively develop, promote and enhance Bono East’s image as a preferred destination for agro-processing industries, promote and facilitate the development of the private sector to serve as a key driver for economic development.

Infrastructure committee

The infrastructure committee is also tasked to expand the physical infrastructure of the region in the area of power, transport, and information communications technology (ICT) and provide guidelines and directions for the design and development of an infrastructure master plan for integrated development.

The committee is also to design an infrastructure plan for the regional and district capitals, consider and develop proposals for the re-development of markets and develop a policy for proper acquisition and documentation of lands and other physical properties.

Education committee

The education committee is tasked to ensure the development of a policy and collaborate with stakeholders in education to increase enrolment and improve student performance at all levels in the region.


Inaugurating the committees, Mr Adu-Gyan challenged the members to develop strategic plans that would define visions and mission statements, goals and objectives of the region.

“Develop an action plan with timelines and deliverables, targets and with key performance indicators that will trickle down to the assemblies,” he stated.

Mr Adu-Gyan reiterated his commitment and interest in developing the human capacity through education and explained that it was long overdue for the region endowed with overwhelming natural resources to get its own premier public university.

He said a diligent pursuit of this vision would ensure all ongoing projects in the region were completed on time.

Food basket

He expressed his commitment to make the region the food basket of the country as well as making it the most preferred destination for industrialisation.

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